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Related post: Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 15:05:28 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Piers Subject: Story: The Parking Garage (T,T, Oral, Anal, Mutual Masturbation)The Parking Garage (T/T, oral, anal, mutual masturbation)Copyright 1930 s pinup by Thomas PiersEmail: thomaspiersyahoo.comLEGAL DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ: You must be at least 18 years of age or over to read this type of story. Do not read this kind of story if it is illegal in your country. This story contains scenes of an explicit nature featuring consensual gay sex between teenagers. This story is a based on a true life event however the names have been changed to conceal the true identities of the participants. This story features, porno 16 yers what in today's society would be deemed unsafe sexual practices. The author urges anyone engaging in sexual activity to use the head that rests on their shoulders and practice safe sex by using a condom or sticking to only one sex partner.This story may not be copied, re-edited, sold, mutilated porn 15yo or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is granted, however, if the story is re-posted in it's entire form (with full credit to the author) to an appropriate newsgroup and as long as the disclaimer, and this copyright message remain intact and no fee is charged for access to this story. Copyright (c) 2004 Thomas Piers. All Rights Reserved. E-mail all comments and suggestions to: thomaspiersyahoo.comDo not bother wasting your time and my time by sending me spam emails & flames as they will be immediately deleted and ignored. In addition, don't bother sending virii as attachments as I do not accept attachments from anyone without specifically asking for something first. I also use an Apple Macintosh to write these stories so sending me your PC virii is pointless since my computer could not do anything with them anyway.Any resemblance to anyone's real life experience is a mere coincidence. Enjoy the story!Back when I was in my last month of grammar school, one of the high school students attended one of my classes to announce that 15 white bed skirt the high school was having tryouts for those who wanted to play on the freshman tennis team. At the time, I had only been playing tennis 12yo cum girl for a few months but decided to go ahead and try out. I figured that the worst that could happen would be that I did not make the team.The tryouts would start in June and would run throughout nudes 13 y.o the summer before the high school coach would decide which players would get to make 70pussyfuck it and play for the team when September rolled around and the team would compete against other high school tennis teams.I was not a big built person but I was fairly quick and could run it seem for hours. One of the things that 36l boobs I did when I played tennis was to think of myself as a wall and I would return everything back that 90210 naomi porn was hit my way. I think it was because of this attitude of never letting anyone get an easy point that I was able to make the team, although it was on the second team doubles 12yr slut team.Matches against other high schools would consist of 3 singles matches and 2 double matches. The first team to reach 3 wins would be 128 thumb drive the winner so sometimes the second team doubles match was not necessary and not played. Thus my partner and I did not always get to play although sometimes we would need TUBE DOG SEX P0RN to play to decide who would win the overall match. We were an unusual tennis team because my partner was left handed while I was right handed and that caused some problems for some of 12th grade girl butt the other teams which is why my partner and I never lost a match that year when we did get to play.My second year of high school tennis I managed to improve enough that I was moved up to the first team doubles team and my partner moved up 32 colt fired brass to third player singles. I was assigned to a new doubles partner and his name was Nick.Nick had joined the tennis team in my second year as he had moved from out of state. Often while we would wait for our match to start (the singles matches were always concluded first), Nick would be making jokes or pointing out cute girls who would be watching the match. He often would make remarks on which girls he wanted to get into their pants or who was sleeping around with whom. He seemed to be perfectly straight while I was bi so I never really looked at Nick in dell 1525 webcam driver a sexual way since he seemed to be interested in girls only.One time we were practicing on Saturday for about an hour before Nick mentioned that he had to leave. He told that he wanted to know if I would be interested in joining him with meeting up with 2 sisters that he knew. He told me that he had blink-182 transvestite scored with them prix levitra 20 both but they mentioned to him that the next time they wanted Nick to bring another guy so that pussy 16yr the girls could watch each other getting screwed.I was always ready, willing, and able to have sex at the drop of a hat so an invitation to be with 2 girls in the same room was a major turn in. Nick asked me however if I would feel 46d bbw comfortable with getting undressed in front of him or for that matter if I would feel comfortable in seeing him undressed. I told him that it was no big deal and could we go see the girls.He told me however that there was a slight problem. He told me 2 brothers gay that the girls had an over protective father and that he usually went to an underground parking lot located boobs over 18 underneath their gangbang squad 4 apartment complex doa2 hardcore first before seeing them directly just in case their father was home. I thought that it was a bit unusual to be waiting in an underground parking lot but it made sense in the way that lia 19 porn Nick explained it to me so I told him that I would follow him to the underground parking garage and wait bleeding week 10 pregnancy for the 3 d porno cartoons girls to say the coast was clear to go to their apartment.Once we got there, he pointed to a somewhat 72 bathroom vanities less than brightly lit corner of the parking garage. He told me that this was the spot 70 s porn video where he would meet the girls before proceeding to their house, assuming of course that their father was not home. He looked at his watch and told me that he was expecting to age 14 porn meet them in about 20 minutes so we should just relax and wait for them.I happen to glance at Nick's crotch and noticed that his tennis shorts were tented in front. It was obvious that Nick was aroused and I figured that this was a result of his anticipation of meeting up with the porn tube 08 two girls. Watching him aroused caused me to become aroused and then I became worried if Nick noticed how aroused I was. What would he think if he noticed that I incest 01 became aroused after amateur 06 jpg looking at him? Would he hate me for being bi? I thought that Nick was into girls and not 12 y.o nude pics guys and did not 3gp porn download want to lose him as a friend.After a while, it was obvious that the tenting in Nick's tennis shorts 12 yo pussy was becoming uncomfortable for him. Finally Nick started to speak."Man, this shorts are uncomfortable. Tom, you don't mind if I loosen them a little? This is really murder on my cock""No problem allover30 free janet Nick. Go ahead and get comfortable. I don't 13yo lesbians mind xxx girls under 14 if you don't mind if I get comfortable too.""Thanks, Tom. You can go ahead and get comfortable too if you want".With that, Nick loosed the front button on his shorts and pull down his zipper, reached inside his briefs and pulled out his cock. I was only expecting him to loosen his shorts so I was a bit surprised when he pulled out his cock. No wonder 18 free porn movies he was so uncomfortable. His cock was really large. He was about 7 inches long and very thick. God his cock looked so good. I so wanted to be able to wrap my lips around that baby and nude under 16 bob up and down on it but I thought that Nick was straight and would not appreciate the thoughts that were running through my head at the time.Seeing how Nick made himself very comfortable, I decided to do something similar and took out my own cock, slowing rubbing it while I was watching Nick's cock. Nick had started rubbing his cock 19th century adult books and seemed to be enjoying himself. He noticed that I was doing something similar 14 rubber duck and asked me if I wanted to try something."Tom, would you like to jack each other off? I have never felt another guy's cock and I always wondered what another guy's cock felt like.""Sure Nick. You don't mind if I touch your cock as well?""No I don't mind, Tom. I think it would be neat to have you jack me off while I jack you off as well".With that, we got closer to each other and started jacking each other off. Since I was smaller than Nick, it was great to be able to feel a cock of his size. However I was surprised how good Nick was with jacking me off. He did not seem to have any hesitation 95 z71 transmission slips and seem to know what he was doing.We did this for a little while before Nick told me that there was something that he needed extreme hole strapon 16 to tell me."Tom, I have a confession illegal 13yo pussy to make. I don't really know 2 girls from this complex. I told you that story because I was hoping to get you here doing what we are doing right now. You see Tom, I am gay. I like guys. In fact, I think I liked you from the first pre adolescent girls board3 day I saw you. monique 8th street latina I remembered how often you would chase down good shots with those powerful legs of yours and wondered what it would be like to have someone with such powerful legs fucking me. I would like for you to fuck me Tom but I have been so afraid to say 12yo nude pics anything to you out of fear that you might hate me and I would lose you as a friend. Please don't hate me"I looked at him and noticed that his eyes seemed to be forming tears and that he was getting ready to cry. It was obvious that he was afraid that his admission was going to cost him his friendship with me and that it had taken all his courage to admit that he was gay and found me desirable. I knew that I had to do something soon before he really started to cry.I told him to come closer gay ben 10 porn and not to 45th route lesbians cry. I told him that everything was going to be ok."Nick, don't worry. You would not know of course since I have not told anyone else but I am bi. That's right. Bisexual. I like both guys and gals.""Really Tom? You really like guys?""Well, technically I like both. In fact, I very much would like to suck that big cock of yours""Oh god Tom, please. Please suck my cock. I would really love it if you were to suck my cock"."Your wish is my command. I 19 rogue twink gear am really going to enjoy this Nick".I then got down on my knees, grabbed Nick's cock with my right hand, jacked it once or twice before I stuck out my tongue and licked the head of Nick's cock. My licking caused Nick to 3 free porn movies close 30-06 nickelplated brass houti1 not long his age 40 pussy eyes and moan as my tongue came in contact with his cockhead. I used my tongue to get his dick wet all over before I placed his cock head 4 clear mounting strip back on my tongue and proceeded to porno 14yr take his cock into my mouth, using my lips to surround the rest of his cock as it went deeper into my mouth. There was a bit of pre-cum on the tip of his cock and it tasted very 10yo pussy photos sweet. I started to bob up and down on his cock, starting very slowly and then increasing the speed as time passed as I did not want it to end too nude 13 yo girls soon.I thought I was going to have a difficult time getting his large cock into my mouth but where there is a will, there is a way so somehow I managed mp4 porn psp to get his cock wrapped around my lips and despite his size, I did not gag on his cock. I kept doing this and it was obvious that Nick was really enjoying my attention on his big cock."Oh god, Tom. This is so good! 14yr old fuck Oh god, yes! Please keep sucking my cock, Tom. You are doing me so good! Unnnnnggghhhh....oh so good. Oh yeah! Yeah! Oh so good! Oh shit! I am cummingggggggg!!!"Nick just exploded into my mouth. He shot 3 or 4 really good strong squirts before his squirts reduced in strength and just oozed out of his piss slit. I made sure to get as much as his juice out of his cock and onto my tongue. His cum tasted day 26 all nude really 13 yr nude pictures sweet and I wanted as much as I could get Nick to bike week 99 babes release onto my tongue."Oh god Tom! That was so awesome. I never felt so good as when you sucked me off!""Your welcome, Nick! I really liked sucking your big cock and your love juice was sweet. Now it 13 and gay is your turn to suck me off"I got up and then held out porn 8tube my cock to Nick, expecting him to return the favor but he told me to wait as he had another idea instead. Next thing I know he is getting a bottle out of his tennis bag which seemed to contain a clear liquid. He gave me the bottle and told me to open it, and 128mb thumb drive put some of the liquid on my fingers. Once I had gotten them wet, he told me to insert my wet fingers into his butthole, using them 14 y.o sexy girls to get him wet and slick inside. He told me to put one finger at 8 porn tube a time until his body adjusted to the invasion and then eventually I would be able to use a second finger.His body did resist initially but I was finally able to get a finger inside his butt and proceeded to get him slick inside as he had instructed me. After I had done this for a while, breast cancer stage 3c he told 12yo nudists me to go ahead and use a second finger, which I did. Again there was some initial resistance nude illegal 13 y.o but once his body relaxed, it became easier to get him all wet inside.Now he told me to give him the bottle and he proceeded to get his hand wet and used it to put the liquid on my bb8 jen boobs cock. It felt great to have him touch me again, especially since my cock was getting more and more slick as he applied more and more 34 36 a boobs liquid. Once he was satisfied that he had placed enough liquid on my turgid member, he proceeded to lie down on his stomach on the Mp3 search usenet hood of a car, with his back to me and porno 13 age movies he used his hands to push apart his glory hole girlz 4 butt cheeks, asking me to please fuck him.Who was I to argue? I grabbed my slick cock, placed the cockhead against his hole, and proceeded to use pressure to force myself inside him. It took a while but his body finally relaxed and my cockhead was inside him. He felt very tight and warm and I really wanted to just put my entire dick inside him in one thrust but Nick told me to go slow to minimize the pain that he was feeling. I did not wish to hurt Nick so I had to fight my instincts to thrust myself too mp3 porn quickly inside him and slowly put my dick inside him, each time giving him time to adjust to my invasion of him. Eventually I was finally able to put my entire cock inside him and Nick felt my pubic hairs making contact against 5gallon of sex cream his buttcheeks."Oh god, Tom! I can feel you all the 3 4 strapping china way inside me"."Are you alright Nick? I am not hurting you, am I?""Oh god no Tom! Your dick feels so good inside me. Just wait a minute and then I want to start thrusting inside me. Just start with 905 vivid glasses frames short, soft strokes but increase the length and strength of your thrusts as my body gets used to having you inside me, ok?""Ok, Nick. You are the boss. God you are tight! Your naked 12yo. girls butt muscles feel so good around my cock. I just hope that I can hold off and not cum too quick.""Don't worry. If you cum too 17yr old porn pics quick, then you can start again since you will last longer a second time. And I would enjoy it more if you fucked me xxx 12yo for a while rather than cumming too quick and not letting sex 12yo me enjoy it""Ok Nick. I will do my best not to cum too quick but I can't make any promises since bleach orange range mp3 365 porn this feels so good"With that, I started to slowly pull my dick back out slowly and only just a little bit before sliding back inside Nick. I kept doing this, each time feeling myself slapping against his butt cheeks. As time passed, my body took over and it seemed to have a mind of its own. My 2010 pornstars thrusts were getting longer and stronger and his butt cheeks 1940 sex erotica were making quite a bit of noise as our bodies clashed against each other. I kept trying to think of things like math, history, algebra, etc. to keep from cumming too soon. I lasted longer than I thought I was going to initially and Nick was urging me on, asking me to fuck him harder and faster. His words were driving me over the edge and then I knew that I reached a point where I could no longer turn back."Oh god Nick! I am cumming! Here it comes!"With those words, I arched my back and felt spurt after spurt coating the insides of Nick's butthole. My whole world seemed to be centered around girls 6-13 yrs nude my dick as it was unleashing what felt 20 naked pentecostals like a river party hardcore 22 inside 18 deep bathroom vanity Nick. Eventually my cock stopped squirting and I felt myself just lying down on Nick, exhausted but satisfied from our love making."Nick, I have never felt anything so good! I thought I would never stop squirting inside you, it felt so good!""Yeah, I noticed that you came quite a bit Tom. 3-d incest comics I guessed you 3movs anal must have really liked fucking my ass""Oh yeah free sex 18 games Nick. I loved fucking that sweet boy butt of yours. I definitely want to do this again but I also want you sometime to fuck me as well so I can get an idea of what that is like to""You mean it Tom? You really want lesbian gallery 2 me to fuck you sometime?""Yes Nick, 16yr nude girls I do. I want to feel you inside me just as you felt me inside you"With that, there would be many more instances australian pussy 17 between Nick and myself, making sweet love to each other. rapidshare links 15yo If you enjoyed this story and would like to hear more about some of those instances, let me know and I might decide to write about a few more of our experiences.
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